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Book Reviews
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Middle School Save Rafe
by James Patterson And Chris Tebbetts

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Love this book! Rafe is always getting himself into trouble. His Art School closes and now he has to return to HVMS. But there is a catch he needs to Start a Program and Follow Rules.. if he does good then he will be allowed back in HVMS. It's a must read book to fine out if Rafe passed and is allowed back at his old school. Awesome book Read It Definitely.

Unicorn Treasure Hunt
by Meredith Rusu

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It was a nice book about friendship.

Middle School Dog's Best Friend
by James Patterson And Chris Tebbetts

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Another Great Middle School. If you Love Dogs and Rafe. You will enjoy this book. Rafe starts a dog walking business. Well,someone is moving in on his customers. Wait until you find out who is was and how he handles it. Let's just say a lot of pointing fingers but it's not who you think it is.... read the hook and find out. Great Book

Billie’s Outer Space Adventure
by Sally Rippin

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We love Billie! The art and story and adventure and friendship is top notch

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid
by Jeff Kinney

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It was funny and sad because he thought he lost his best friend to a girl.

Prayers for Mealtime
by Merrigold Press

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I like that the book rhymes. I also liked that it involved God.

L8r G8r Book
by Lauren Myracle

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It was an okay book. Best friends in their senior year. They have good and bad times. But they are best friends have each other's back. It about everyday life as a teen in high school.

Awesome Friendly Spooky Stories
by Jeff Kinney

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I like the the scary stories in the chapters.

Sneezy The Snowman
by Maureen Wright Books

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It was about a snowman who was cold. I liked it.

Yes, No, Little Hippo
by Jane Belk Moncure

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I really liked it. It was about safety.

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