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by Ellen Miles

I like the book because it’s about a dog and people help her get off the ice so she stays alive.

Police Officers Care

I like how the police helped the people who were lost.

The Reason For A Flower

We loved this book. Our grandma read it to us and it’s her favorite

The Reason For A Flower

We loved this book. Our grandma read it to us and it’s her favorite

Where She Fell
by Kaitlin Ward

Love this book! It's about Friend who got in the swamp area and one falls in swamp. She meet a colony of people there and makes friends. But Eliza decides she wants to go home and some of her new friends there want to leave as well. The journey they face keeps you on edge and wondering if they make it out alive.... You must read to find out the outcome. Awesome book about Survival.

One Piece
by Echiro Oda

I have gotten up to the fish-man island arc and so far something I love about this series is the world building and how things mentioned in some of the first chapters start to make sense as time goes by and this is why I will definitely be continuing this series is

The Hard Way
by Lee Child

Would recommend it to people who like me like reading books that seem to have no end.

One Shot
by Lee Child

Good Bokk!

Class Dismissed
by Allan Woodrow

Really enjoyed this book. It comes to teach you how different people can work together. How a class can work together and keep a secret about their Teacher quitting. They all work together on putting a play on with super vision. Find out what happens to their winter break! Great book yo read highly recommend it. Easy reading ??

The Enemy
by Jack Reacher

Recommended for anyone to read it.
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