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Troubled Blood Robert Galbraith

Does not disappoint

Be Prepared
by Vera Brosgol

A super cute graphic novel. Since it is based on the author's own experiences, it felt genuine and relatable, even though I never went to a Russian camp.

by Katherine Applegate

I am an adult who loves Katherine Applegate books. They always have a slightly sad feel, but I am instantly connected to the characters and want to know their fate.

The Isle Of The Lost
by Melissa De La Cruz

I rate this book 3 stars because it had a good story, but it wasn't written well. For one thing, it was way different from the movie. It wasn't even that it had minor errors like most books and movies do, it had some pretty major differences. Plus, there were a lot of errors in it. Sometimes there were words that were repeated, or forgotten punctuation, or a word was left out. It also had parts that were just pointless. It talked about how the people who lived on the Isle of the Lost thought how great it was to be bad and had some logic behind it. That wasn't necessary. It added almost nothing to the story. All in all, this was a fun story to read, but it had many flaws in it.

Go Away Big Green Monster
by Ed Emberley

Our children love this book, it’s one of favorites! I purchased a puppet to go with it. They read it with one another, because they can follow the illustrations.

This Is The Day
by Tim Tebow

I give this book four stars because it had a really great message. It was really uplifting and inspiring. And it was written simply so that almost anyone can understand what it's saying. But it had a few grammatical errors in it, and it wasn't written as well as if a professional author wrote it. Also, parts of it were a little boring. All in all, I liked the book a lot. There were only a few things that I would have changed which I mentioned. I would recommend it.

I Will Always Write Back
by Caitlin Alifrenka and Martin Ganda with Liz Welch

This is a beautiful story of the friendship between a girl from Pennsylvania and a boy from Zimbabwe. With events spanning several years, told by the two children, they show how they were able to learn about each other, and how both of their lives were vastly improved because of it.

The Zookeepers Wife
by Diane Ackerman

It was a good book. Tho sometimes all the names got confusing and the present time mixed in with the time of the story was distracting.

Who Was King Tut
by Roberta Edwards

Dominic loves the Who Was series and was really interested in learning more about King Tut. He loved the story and finds these books to be an easy read.

Junie B Jones Book 1
by Barbara Lynne Park

Both my 5 year old daughter and 9 year old son loved listening to this book. My son normally likes nonfiction but he was laughing along with his sister. The story revolves around Junie B starting school, Kindergarten, for the first time. She speaks like a 5 year old does and the kids really related to her and the situations in the story.
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